BUNDLES52 Products


Welcome to BUNDLES! Every week, on Saturday, we release a new bundle of previously released assets. From every bundle, you can pick ten assets for $10. 

Here is how it works: 

  • There are five assets in every bundle, selected by theme and/or gender
  • You can pick 10 individual poses from the bundle; instead of $20, you pay $10
  • The discount kicks in only when exactly 10 poses are chosen; 9 assets = $18, 11 assets = $12 (so, #11 isn't discounted)
  • You can't mix assets from various bundles
  • You can BYOB (Build Your Own Bundle) as many times as you want from a bundled group of assets
  • No discount code required; the discount is applied automatically in your cart.

Right now, you won't see the discount applied in your cart. Once you hit the check-out button, the discount will be applied.
We're trying to fix this.

Also important, at present, only one discount can be applied at a time, so it's not possible to use your loyalty credit on top of the bundle discount.
We're trying to fix this too.

Happy bundle building!